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الدعم النفسي و أهميته قبل اجراء الجراحة

In the previous post, we talked about levels of amputation. Today, we will talk about the importance of having psychological support before an amputation. A limb is difficult to accept, so it is possible to enter into a stage of depression and frustration. Psychological rehabilitation is no less important than physical rehabilitation.
التاهيل النفسى لا يقل اهميته عن التأهيل البدني.
The person who loses a limb goes through psychological challenges. The psychological impact on people differs according to many factors, including age, and the support of family and friends.
He goes through stages until it reaches acceptance and adaptation. These stages are:
⏪ Denying what happened to him and not believing him
⏪ Anger at what happened to him and he may go into severe tantrums.
⏪ Going into depression, and some people may have suicidal tendencies.
⏪In the end, he often accepts what happened to him and adapts to his new life.

Therefore, it is necessary to resort to help from friends, family, or a psychiatrist to accept the new situation and continue your life. This helps you recover more quickly and recover your life after the operation.
It is also very important for those who help to accept the new situation to meet with people who have gone through the same experience or a situation similar to yours.
Close family and friends must note his psychological condition and what he is going through so that they can help him, especially if he is depressed, so his symptoms must be noted:
❗ Anorexia.
❗loss of energy.
❗.Insomnia and irregular sleep
❗weak focus.
❗Not enjoying any activity he does.
❗Isolation and distancing from people.
In this case, please resort immediately to a therapist or a psychiatrist.

⚠To avoid entering a state of depression, it is preferable to do the following:
✔Not staying at home for a long time, so he must go out and go to places he loves.
✔ Eat healthy and balanced food.
✔Don’t let him blame himself for what happened.
✔ Remind him that those who love him want to help him and that asking for help does not reduce his self-reliance.
✔Get psychological help if needed.
✔ Encourage him to think differently, dream new dreams, and achieve new achievements.

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