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رضا احمد حسن “ابن مصر”

Reda was born suffering from the complete loss of arms and legs.
Since his birth, doctors confirmed that he will never live except for a few hours, but God’s will be above everything.
Currently, Reda is a young man, 20 years old, and a student at the Faculty of Mass Communication.
Reda is a very struggling young man who was able to learn and excel by using his trumpet, teeth, and also his tongue, and not only that, and he reaches the university level👨‍🎓 completely relying on himself because he has a strong motivation to learn, succeed and depend on himself.
Reda is like any young man who has dreams and ambitions and wants to be a famous broadcaster👨🏻‍💼 who can help the people around him and reach the voice of anyone who needs help.🙋‍♂.
If Allah wants, Reda will succeed. 🔜 Reach your dream. Stay insistent on your dream. Focus on your goal and work on yourself. We will all reach with you.👏
Each one of us has inside him a story of struggle and a story of heroism.
If you know other heroes, we can write about them, make a crown for them.

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