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على محمود سباح لا يعرف المستحيل ابدا

Our hero was born in Cairo Governorate. He was born with a problem in the spine, but this was never an obstacle or problem for Ali.
He is 19 years old, but he achieved many achievements on the athletic level in swimming with hands, and before that he was a pentathlon player.
🏵 He went through many crises and difficult stages in his life, but he took his time and focused on his goal more.🏊🏻.
🎖 His achievements include more than 15 medals in his sports career, the most important of which are:
He won three silver medals🥈🥈🥈 in the 2016 Republic Championship.
Two bronze.🥉🥉 Silver🥈 in the 2017 Republic Championship.
 Two golds🥇🥇 Two bronze.🥉🥉 in the 2018 Republic Championship.
Our hero works on himself a lot and challenges him to reach his dream. He is preparing and dreaming of representing Egypt in the 2020 Olympics 🤩.
Ali always says, "Don't give up on circumstances, focus on your goal, and be persistent in order to reach what you want.
God willing, Ali, you will succeed and reach your dream. Nothing is impossible. Stay insistent on your dream and focus on your goal. You will reach it, and we are all with you.
Each one of us has inside him a story of struggle and a story of heroism.
If you know other heroes, we can write about them, make a crown for them.

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