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قصة بطل حلقة رقم 2

He is Hossam Maghawry, an Egyptian young man who was exposed to an Arab accident in 2015 that caused his feet to be amputated.
He underwent more than 25 surgeries after many doctors expected that he would not survive the accident, but God’s will is above everything.
Hossam refused to receive it and adapted to the new conditions, and decided to go to the gym regularly 🏃🏻and do the exercises very smoothly 🏋🏻and shoot videos📲 which is a great reason for motivating a large segment of young people to optimism and love life.
Hossam is not an ordinary person, he is a positive energy for everyone around him😍 .
Hossam always says🙂 Don’t give up on circumstances and focus on your goal👀 and work on yourself to get what you want🔜
You can follow Hossam from here 👇
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