You are currently viewing مستوياات البتر للطرف السفلى(الجزء الاول)

مستوياات البتر للطرف السفلى(الجزء الاول)

The level of amputation is simply the place at which a part of the body has been amputated. It is very important to accurately determine the level of amputation in order to know the strength of the remaining limb, because later it will determine which prosthesis is suitable.
There are multiple levels of amputation of the lower limbs, such as:
– Amputation of the foot
There are more than 12 different levels of amputation in the foot area. Between amputation of the fingers, amputation of the forefoot, or amputation of the ankle area.
-Below the knee (lower leg amputation)
Below-the-knee amputation, that is, an amputation in the lower leg region, the tibia and fibula are cut.
-Knee separation
Knee separation is the cutting of the knee joint, separating the lower leg. The thigh will be preserved.
-Above the knee amputation
In an amputation above the knee, i.e., an amputation in the thigh area, the femur will be cut.
- -Separation of the hip
In a hip amputation the amputation is done in the area of the hip joint. With this type of amputation, the prosthesis is controlled through the pelvis.
– Hemipelvic excision
-In the case of a hemipelvic excision, the entire leg and parts of the pelvis are amputated.
It is very important to follow up with a doctor before and after the surgery to make sure of the appropriate procedure for your condition and what you will adopt for the rest of your next life.

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